*Why Clubs?
-Why not? Club members are honorary members of ArtoonsInn and have you checked the benefits yet?

*What Benefits?
-Head on over here to read them. Duh!

*How do I decide whether to join Wings Or Claws?
-Check the criteria over here. And decide for yourself.
(Oh and wait for the Wings Unraveling soon.)

*Can I be a member of both clubs?
-Yes, you can!

*Can I bring in my friends and family into the club?
-Can they tick all the check boxes next to the criteria?

*Okay, what if I don’t want to join the club?
-Suits us. Stay in the group and turn green (ArtoonsInn green) with envy when the club members climb higher up the ladder.

*What can I do for the growth of the club?
-Now we’re talking. Stay active. Take part in discussions. Participate in events. Host events. Add a little spice.
Oh and bring in sponsors.

*Wait. Who is an active member?
-Active member (n)
A person who regularly visits the group and interacts with the people on a regular basis.
Usage : I’ve been an active member at ArtoonsInn since March 2018.
(Yes, we have our own dictionary~Lexinart)

*What if, for some reason, I am unable to keep up with this due to some crisis?
-You lose your membership. *evil laugh*

*What are these cards that kept popping up all through the criteria?
-Please read till the end. Card descriptions are available somewhere at the bottom. Keep going!

-Check the different types of cards here:
1. Participation card

Participation cards are given to participants of ArtoonsInn hosted writing events.
Gather as many participation cards as you can and get a chance to be part of the exclusive Claws club at ArtoonsInn.

2. Guest card

-Guest Cards are acquired when you submit your personal writings that get published on the website.
-You can be part of the honorary Claws Club of ArtoonsInn using your Guest Card.
3. Winner card

-A Winner Cards is awarded to someone who is placed as the Winner of an event hosted by ArtoonsInn.
-You could become part of the honorary Claws Club of ArtoonsInn using the winner card.
4. Blue card:

-Blue card holders are members who have been handpicked by the Wings Watchers of ArtoonsInn for their exceptional contribution for guest/event entries.
-Blue cards work as by-pass to enter the honorary Claws Club of ArtoonsInn.
-Blue card is valid for 4 months from the date it was issued.
5. Club member card

Here’s a sample of Claws Club membership card with a special ArtoonsInn id.3

6. Silver card
7. Gold card
8. Platinum card

*Read the card description. WOW! What benefits do the Silver, Gold and Platinum card holders have?
-We at ArtoonsInn appreciate long distance thinking. So, we have planned the following:
Silver Card Holders – A Mixie
Gold Card Holders – A Washing Machine
Platinum Card Holders – A Necklace (yes, diamonds!)

Nah! Just kidding. But we will remunerate you, generously. It’s a surprise. Surprise US with your first anniversary first.

*Can I take part in all events?
Of course you can. You can’t win all events though. What are you? Hermione Granger?
(There will be events exclusively for club members apart from regular events for non-club members)

*Why can’t I win events held out of the club?
-Did you even read? Why are we breaking our backs sitting in front of laptops hosting events especially for you? (Club members are exposed to a competitive skills tuning in a separate arena!)

*So, I can host events at ArtoonsInn?
-The stage is all yours, dear Artoon. Patience though, we will tell you the details soon.

*What if there’s a dispute among the club members?
Watchers are watching. We got your back.

*What if I disagree with the Watchers?
-Please shut the door behind you.