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Days and Diaries, like the name suggests, is a unique platform to share your daily diary entries of things that happen around you, things that you muse about, things you see and experience when you travel or things that just spike your interest and make you want to ‘write’ them down.

my dnd

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Announcing Soon

few things before you click & send

1. Use a pen or a dark-nibbed pencil to Diary it.

2. Make sure your writing is legible and comprehensible.
3. Leave at least a 1 cm margin all around the page when you write.
4. Sign your writing at the bottom right and add #DnDArtoonsInn.
5. When you click, click on ‘Portrait Mode’ only by placing your mobile. phone or any photo-capturing device directly above the page.
6. Capture your pages where there’s ample lighting. Please refrain from sending blurred images.
7. Selected DnDs will be shared on our Facebook page
DaysnDiaries by ArtoonsInn‘.

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