Feathers Club

Feathers Club: Feathers Club is a virtual club that accommodates the nurturing writers of ArtoonsInn. Club membership is open to all willing members of the ArtoonsInn community who are able to meet the following criteria.

Feathers Club member criteria:

  1. Must be part of The Nest.
  2. Must have been an Active member in ArtoonsInn | Writers and Readers’ Room in the recent 3 months.
    (Active Member = must have participated in at least one event that is hosted every month.)
    [Monthly events include Five00, UniK, ArTales, ArTale Legends, One-Day Writing event or ArttrA].
    (Learn ArtoonsInn keywords here: https://artoonsinn.com/lexinart-the-dictionary-of-artoonsinn/)
  3. Must hold at least 3 participation cards out of which two are from recent 2 months
    [Note that participation cards are not awarded for guest entries and One-Day Writing events].

NOTE: Inactivity of club members for a continuous period of 2 months would result in the withdrawal of the membership or demotion to The Nest.
THE NEST: https://artoonsinn.com/thenest/

Benefits of being a member of Feathers Club:

  1. Feathers get to learn the art of writing through variety of tasks, contests and events hosted by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn exclusively for the Feathers to better their fiction writing skills.

NOTE: Feathers Club members are not eligible to win in any other ArtoonsInn Clubs’ exclusive events, but are encouraged to participate.


Who are the current Feathers Club members:
What is The Nest: https://artoonsinn.com/thenest/
What is a Participation card: https://artoonsinn.com/participation-card/

What is Beaks Club: Announcing Soon!
Who are Watchers and Builders of ArtoonsInn: https://artoonsinn.com/watchers-and-builders-of-artoonsinn

More FAQs here: https://artoonsinn.com/clubs-faqs/

NOTE: The Club Criteria are subjected to changes at any given time and the members will be notified of it officially by email when there is an update.

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