Lexinart – The Dictionary of ArtoonsInn


ArtoonsInn — An Inn for Artoons.

Artoon — A member/artist belonging to ArtoonsInn community.

Artales — The art of writing tales/stories.
— A set of short tales/stories. 

ArttrA — ArttrA is a game(of any form) related to the art of writing.

Artestra — Poets in the inn performing their poems live.
Artestrate organize, coordinate and/or plan aspects of a task at ArtoonsInn
(Contributed by Jayashree Pillai)

Artoonified — the condition where an Artoon feels the urge to check into ArtoonsInn every other hour.
(Contributed by Natasha Sequeira)


Five00 — A 500 word writing in ArtoonsInn.


Gramoon — A grammar question by an artoon.

Granulaire — A long story formed by adding excerpts from several writers.
(The word is formed by adding a suffix -aire to Granule(a small compact particle of a substance).)


Lexinart — The dictionary of ArtoonsInn.

Lumini —Most joyful, encouraging and interesting.


Rulfy(ru?lf??) — (returning)Reviewing and Rating a writing of an artoon who’d reviewed and rated one’s writing in ArtoonsInn.
(Usage: Sarveswari rulfied Tanima)
(Other forms: Rulfy | Rulfied | Rulfying)
(Rulfy is formed by considering the ‘Rule Number 5‘ of ArtoonsInn writing events’ guidelines.)


Smuse — An action/result of creating something.
(Other forms: Smuse | Smuser | Smused | Smusing)


UniK — A 1000 word writing in ArtoonsInn.
(UniK is formed by replacing t with K(1000) in Unit.)

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