Truth & lies 3.4/5 (5)

Abhay whimpered, in the dark corner of his cell. Life can be cruel behind the bars. Just two days inside, he could not get over the trauma he went through. Deceit. Lie. “Why he did this to me?” He was still trying to find answers. For the first […]

A Sordid Life? 1.7/5 (5)

I belong to that generation where Gods are alluded to as parents, and vice versa. A father, like Hiranyakashipu the demon-king, can hate his son, but a son hating his father is considered an anathema. That is was why I felt so sad and forlorn to know that […]

BREAK FREE 3.17/5 (3)

Victor walked up to the clinic of the Psychiatrist with an abnormal gait. Dr. Mayank observed every movement of his with an intense gaze. He offered him a seat. He had asked his parents to wait in the lobby. His first interview as a protocol was always personal. […]

The Hidden Truth 1.25/5 (2)

Priya oh Priya, I am so excited today, you know why? Off course I know, who knows you better than me my bestie. I bet that Priya, but this time you don’t know it. Oh Payal, now that was enough, you are testing my patience, can you just […]

Back into the closet! 3/5 (1)

2005 “How long can you pretend to be someone you are not?” I ran a tender hand over Sharon’s hair. “But there isn’t an alternative!” she whispered through her sobs. “It’s all in your mind. Once you decide to cross over that one hurdle, everything will sort itself […]

Pride 2/5 (1)

The cool winds dominated the sky making the weather pleasent. November was about to start, temperatures were on a decline, little rain that day was adding a spice of romance in the air. It was 5 in the morning, when I came out of my house turning on […]

Rain’bows in June 2.33/5 (3)

Saturday 9th June 2018 ‘This is Charing Cross. This is a Northern Line train to Morden. Please stand clear of the doors’ Pushing my fragile body through the crowd, on the flight of stairs, I stepped on to Trafalgar Square. Squinting my eyes, I look up at the […]

Homophobia 2.5/5 (1)

I am Subodh, a Freelance Journalist.  I get assignments from NGOs working on Human Rights and Social discriminations.On June 20th Mr. Bhaskar, Head of an NGO called me. “Subodh” he said, “our Trustees are planning to raise funds for a project. It’s aimed at the betterment of the […]

PINK SKIES 4.13/5 (4)

Oregon, USA. 1912. The setting sun cast a pink glow against the warm August sky. Rose Lawson hurried on with supper preparations. Her husband Jacob Lawson would soon be home. Of late her husband’s timings had become erratic. Infact, a couple of times he spent the night away […]

IN CONTROL 3.92/5 (6)

The dingy hostel room was making me restless; I was trying very hard to sleep. I was missing my parents, especially mom. My pillar of strength in my journey to find my identity. When I was 15 years old and girls around me were giggling about this boy […]

An Appeal 3.5/5 (6)

This is not a story, rather an appeal to find a friend of mine. I have an axe to grind with her. I am a writer, a successful one, good enough for my publishers to offer my third novel.  I have two novels in my kitty, Appetite for […]

The Warm Welcome 2.5/5 (3)

“Hello Aunty, so nice to hear your voice after a long time.” “Yes dear Ru, my sweetheart, long time. We’ve decided at last, that your uncle and I’ll be visiting you in April.” “Really? I’m so glad that at last, you’ve finally decided to pay me a visit […]


He knew the very second their eyes locked that she desired him. And that she was his type, the adventurous one. No, they had never met before, never knew of each other’s existence until now. He crossed the whole length of the sprawling lobby, looking at her, smiling […]