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“Well dad,” Nirmal sighed, “I guess I’m done with her.” He put the glass on the table and reached up to gently extract Neel’s hand from his shoulder. Neel complied, stepping back far enough to allow him to rise from his seat. In their house, the kitchen was […]

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I was sitting by the window, sipping my tea and thinking of all the good times I had. Cold winds were blowing outside and the weather made me happy. The door of my room was pushed open and inside came both my sons. 16-year-old Tarun and 14 years […]

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‘On your knees!’ ‘Crawl like a baby!’ ‘Hey, you! Yes you, sweat factory!… Hoot like an owl, spread your wings and run around.’ ‘Don’t trouble your ass to sit. Let us enjoy our juniors’ creativity. Entertain us.’ The dreading ‘Intro Night’ was going on in the girls’ hostel. […]

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Today, as I am getting ready for school, I am thinking of the endless possibilities. As we live, nothing changes all this while. Days pass, a new year comes our way, gradually, and then boom! There comes the ‘It’s been one year already? My life’s completely changed!’ feeling. […]

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‘BREAKING NEWS: Debutante actress, Maria Fernandez is getting married: But, that is not the big news. The big news is that she is getting married to Samarendra Pratap Singh.’ Sitting in my bridal gown at the church, I looked at this 2-month-old magazine cover and then at myself […]