Ma Read and rate this story.

11/4/19 Ma… it is a beautiful word, and I’m sure you are as beautiful as this word is. Do you look like the woman I see in my dreams? You sing to me lullabies in your soft and tender voice. I love it when you caress me, so […]

Mother’s Day Read and rate this story.

One of my most treasured memories is of a trip that I went on with my mother a couple of years after my marriage. Mother-daughter, wife-wife. The trip was one of those ten-day Europe trips organised by a renowned travel agency. It started from Rome and a mini […]

Togetherness Read and rate this story.

Television, shopping malls, gift centers, every nook and corner had hoardings with cheesy messages of Mother’s day. It created a Focusing effect on my brain. I bought her a bouquet and planned a  dinner at a top-notch restaurant. On the D-day, I was occupied in the phone’s gallery […]

My Beloved Mom Read and rate this story.

My grandma, an educated, courageous lady had lost her husband during partition and came to India with her five kids. My dad was merely six months old. Grandma would work as a nurse in a government hospital to give her kids a stable life. Eventually, her struggle had […]

The bond… Read and rate this story.

It looked like a deserted field with lots of straws and seeds. I went around picking the dry straws, putting them up together to make my little nest. Last time I laid my eggs, on a bough of a tree, which was broken down by torrential rains. Once […]

The Instinct Read and rate this story.

Working mothers – they cannot have it all. They have to choose, between their careers and the time they devote to their kids. So does that make them bad mothers? To have an aspiration for professional growth? To strive in a job that in the long run is […]

My best mother Read and rate this story.

How long could I bear the punishment? It was my daily habit of being beaten by my father as I spent time playing in the village club or witnessing opera, cinema, fair without helping him in cultivation. My mother, who was afraid of my father, would shed tears […]

The Chatterbox Read and rate this story.

It might sound weird, but I belong to a pretty ‘SERIOUS’ family. Between me, my parents and my siblings, we hardly ever had any funny or humorous conversations. I always found my parents terribly firm, all that we talked about was academics and more academics. I was the […]

A Mother is Born Read and rate this story.

She needed an urgent c-section, the gynecologist had just informed at what was supposed to be her regular 37 weeks checkup. The baby was in extreme distress and it was going to be risky surgery for the mom and baby both. As she lay on the operating table […]