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It’s free. Because you get to customize, personalize, design and style your book yourself. From Room9‘s self-publishing, you can opt to get your entire book from editing to designing to publishing, all done by yourself. Just submit your book. We’ll review and get back to you within 7 days! 
*T&C apply.

Become a Published Author in no time!

Written your dream book? Got it edited, proofread and polished up? Have a cover design ready to go with it too? Just send it all right in. Let us get you started on becoming a published author in no time.


Send us your manuscript and await our response. We’ll be as quick as possible. Chat with us if you need any assistance.


A contract agreement will be sent to the author with all the details once the work is accepted. 

Author copies

Because it’s your book, you shouldn’t be paying too much for extra copies. Get author copies at a nominal price.


ArtoonsInn ensures that all artists residing in the Inn are well-satisfied by what they gain from the art they create.

Get in touch

We are around. Get in touch with us and unless we are attending another artist like yourself, we’ll reply immediately!

Info for Self-Publishing

1. Submission

Click on submission and fill-up the form and upload your completed manuscript along with the book cover design. We’ll get back to you within a week. Chat with us for more details.

2. Edited?

A book well-written is a book well-edited. Has your book passed the Editing phase? Make sure the draft is error-free and ready to publish. Chat with us to hire an editor for a nominal price.

3. Designed a cover?

Created the apt design to dress your book up with? Because as much as they say ‘not to judge a book by its cover’, you have to put in quite the effort – after all, the cover speaks for itself! Chat with us to hire a designer for a nominal price.

4. Typesetting & Layout

Should you need assistance with typesetting and further technical tidbits or to hire a professional to do it for you, you can chat with us.


Start marketing your book way before the official book launch. We’ll help you have it up for pre-ordering at even before the book is launched. Chat with us to hire an online marketing manager.

Book Launch

Just pick a date to launch your book and prepare yourself for the endless perks that being a published author will bring your way!

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