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Standard Publishing

Why? Because we know how much blood, sweat, and ink have gone into that work of yours. Because we are a passionate publishing team for equally passionate writers. Because we value art and respect artists! If your work is selected for Standard publishing, then welcome aboard – you are in for an exceptional publishing experience at room9 of ArtoonsInn.

Prime Services | Low Prices

We are an efficient team at ArtoonsInn eager to assist and help you with all your publishing needs. In Standard Publishing, Room9 walks you through every step of your publishing process for a nominal price.

What happens in Standard Publishing?

1. Review

After you have submitted your manuscript, our team peer-reviews it and gets in touch with you at the earliest.
We value your time!

2. Publishing Agreement

When our reviewing team gives a thumbs-up, you will be sent a publishing contract along with the terms and conditions and all other necessary details.
Transparency promotes trust!

3. Editing

The expert team at ArtoonsInn makes sure that your book gets the fine-tuning it deserves.
You write drunk. We’ll edit sober!   : p

4. Artwork

Cover designing and Illustrations, the aesthetic elements of the book are taken care of by a team of professionals to create a lasting impression on the readers. Covers speak volumes!

5. F, T & L

Formatting, Typesetting, and Layout of the book are looked after such that the readers have a great reading experience.
The book is now ready to hit the press!

6. Marketing

Marketing is important for the book to attain mass appeal. Our team helps you in covering all the aspects of online marketing.
And the journey begins!

7. Royalty

ArtoonsInn ensures that all artists residing at ArtoonsInn are well-satisfied by what they gain from the art they create.
Hard work should pay off!

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We are around. Get in touch with us. Unless we are attending to another inquisitive artist like yourself, we’ll reply immediately!

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