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What is Smuse?

Smuse, an acronym for ‘Short Muse’, is an activity exclusively hosted by ArtoonsInn dedicated to the art of writing.

Smuse /smju:z/
1. A posed prompt to write a short tale.
2. A short tale.

Smuser – Someone who smuses at ArtoonsInn
verb – Write a short tale
verb: smuse; 3rd person present: smusing; past tense: smused; past participle: smused; gerund or present participle: smusing

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An anthology of Micro tales

We are publishing an anthology of 99 tales which will be released both in paperback and as an e-book around the world. Look out for the prompts that we will be posting randomly along with Smuse! Become a contributor by submitting your tale for the prompts via the form here.

more tales to go.

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How do I smuse?

Everybody is welcome to smuse. You just have to follow the Smuse posts (and its rules, if any) on our Room9 Publications by ArtoonsInn Facebook page and comment your smuse.

How can I register for Smuse?

You can register for ArtoonSmuse by filling up the form below.  

Link to the registration form:

Once you register, we shall email you your ArtoonsInn Smuser ID. 

Can I pose a smuse?

You can pose a smuse by writing to If your smuse is picked, credits will be mentioned in that Facebook post. 

NOTE 1: The smuses you pose may be edited/modified without prior notification.  

NOTE 2: You may not be notified of whether the smuse you posed has been selected.

Where and when will Smuse be posed?

Smuse is posted from Tuesday to Saturday at 7.00 PM on the Room9 Publications’ Facebook page.

Link to the page:

You may find all the previous smuses posted on our Facebook page by using the hashtag #ArtoonSmuse keyword in the Facebook search.

How many smuses can I write for a day?

You can write as many smuses as you want on a given day.

How can I make money smusing?

After the preliminary registration as a smuser at ArtoonsInn, you can start smusing in the comments section of the Smuse posts that will be posted from Tuesday to Saturday on our Room9 publications Facebook page. If your smuse is chosen as the winner for a particular smuse, you earn 10 artlets. If it is selected as a pocket tale you earn 5 artlets. (*TnC apply)

What is Artlet?

What is the difference between Artlet and artlets?

While Artlet is the ArtoonsInn Wallet, artlets are your earnings that get deposited in the Artlet.

Tricky, isn't it?

Where can I see my earnings?

Every Artoon registered for ArtoonSmuse will be given access to view their earnings in the Artlet which will be constantly updated. 

When will my earnings in the Artlet expire?

Your artlets in the Artlet expire when you become dormant for a continuous period of 6 months i.e. you have no smusing activity to your name for a continuous period of six months. Your claim to the artlets you have earned so far will be then nullified and your name and information removed from the ArtoonSmuse database.

How can I find all my Winning smuses and Pocket Tales?

Every winning Smuse or Pocket Tale is shared along with the Smuser’s ID. You can find all the smuses you won or that were selected for Pocket Tales, by entering your Smuser ID in the Facebook search.

What are Pocket Tales?

Pocket tales are featured smuses (besides the winning smuse) handpicked by the watchers of ArtoonsInn which will be posted the following week on the ArtoonsInn page.

Please note that we share only the winning tales on Room9 Publications by ArtoonsInn Facebook page. Pocket Tales will be shared on the page below.


How many of my smuses will be selected for pocket tales?

There is no restriction on the number of pocket tales shared per Smuse. You can keep smusing your smuses as comments under a particular post. The best smuses are handpicked and shared on our official ArtoonsInn page the following week.

How do I know if my smuse has been selected for pocket tales?

Smuses chosen as pocket tales will be posted along with the smuser’s name and respective Smuser ID between 10 am to 10 pm on our official ArtoonsInn page the following week. Unfortunately, no individual notification or confirmation is sent to any smuser on selecting for Pocket tales. You can follow the Facebook page or check your artlets to see if there is a rise, which means it has been either posted as a Pocket Tale or yet to be shared.

What is Artlet threshold?

The threshold value in the Artlet for ArtoonSmuse is 250 artlets. You can redeem your earnings when your artlets reach the threshold value.

Please write to to redeem your artlets.

How can I redeem the money I make?

You can redeem your artlets via a bank transfer. Alternatively, you can redeem them in the following manner: 
– Get any one of the books published by ArtoonsInn room9 publications delivered to your address. 
– Get an Amazon coupon.
– Bank/Paypal transfer.

Why is my recent earning not visible?

If your recent earnings are as recent as the last 2 days, your artlets are probably still under the process of updating in the Artlet.

Write to us for immediate assistance:

Why is there no winner for the recent smuse?

If there is no winner for a smuse, it means that a smuse appropriate to be picked as the winner could not be found. However, smuses may be picked for Pocket tales from that particular day.

Why hasn't my smuse been selected for pocket tales?

The smuses selected for pocket tales are picked based on quality. Do keep smusing. Yours might make it to pocket tales soon! 

Is Smuse open for worldwide writers?

ArtoonSmuse is open worldwide, for any person to take part. The default currency of Artlet is in INR. 

1 Artlet = Rs 1 (INR).

For international smusers, artlets will be paid via Paypal.

What is ArtoonsInn?

ArtoonsInn is a platform for Artists of various kinds to gather under one roof and communize among their kindred spirits in its various rooms.
In other words, an inn for Artoons – Artoons’ Inn

Hall of ArtoonsInn: 

Room8 : Art of writing : 

Room9 : Publisher : 

What is Recognition Day?

Recognition Day is a day of celebration at ArtoonsInn once every month in which awards are distributed for Artoons of a particular ArtoonsInn room for their performances in the respective art the room is dedicated to.

What is 99 tales anthology?

99tales is a novel concept where 99 tales of 99 words each will be collected through exclusive prompts posted randomly in the course of Smuse 2.0 and will be published in a micro-fiction tales Anthology. The submissions for 99tales will be accepted through a submission form.

For queries/posing a prompt/redeeming artlets

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