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The Green Room

The Green Room – a virtual room to settle disputes, unhealthy debates, disagreements, unintended offenses or misunderstandings between Artoons(members of the Nest/Hall of ArtoonsInn).

You may use the hashtag #GreenRoom anywhere in the Writers and Readers’ room | ArtoonsInn and ping or tag any Watcher of ArtoonsInn within 48 hours if you wish to discuss and settle an issue privately in the Green Room(ArtoonsInn Chatbox), in the presence of (a) watcher/s.
When both or all parties involved in the situation use the hashtag, further discussions regarding the matter shall be carried out ONLY in the Green Room.

Note: The hashtag #GreenRoom may not be used for incidents/issues prior to 48 hours.

ArtoonsInn Watchers expect a peaceful and mature discussion within the Green Room and look forward to seeing it end peacefully.
Watchers will not tolerate any kind of arguments within the Green Room. Watchers will not hesitate to remove members from the Green Room for inappropriate conduct or impolite, offensive talk. Such a member will earn a demerit point for inappropriate conduct in the Green Room. Two demerit points will lead to them being banned for 2 consecutive months and three points will lead to them being banned completely from ArtoonsInn.

Every discussion that enters the Green Room has to be ended within a maximum of 7 days.

A discussion/issue that’s not settled within 7 days will be logged as dormant in ArtoonsInn’s records.
The member/s may be removed from the Green Room by the end of 7 days. An unsettled issue that’s recorded as dormant can NOT be brought up again anywhere in ArtoosInn in any manner by any of the parties involved in the discussion.

All dormant records shall have their own identification number and should the involved parties wish to settle their issue by ending it any time in the future, they may put forth a request to ArtoonsInn Watchers to do so with another discussion in the Green Room.

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