Watchers and Builders of ArtoonsInn

ArtoonsInn is a platform for Artists of various kinds to gather under one roof and communize among their kindred spirits in its various rooms.
In other words, an inn for Artoons – Artoons’ inn.

Watchers and Builders – a team of dedicated persons stand watch and build up the platform respectively, working tirelessly to make ArtoonsInn a unique place for Artoons.

ArtoonsInn was founded by Mithru Rachamalla in October 2017.

Room6: Poetry Parlour

Husna Thaslim(W, B) ~ Head and Quality
Mithru Rachamalla(B) ~ Development, Artwork & Illustrator
Pallavi Suri ~ Content

Room8: Writers and Readers’ Room

Mithru Rachamalla(W, B) ~ Head, Development, Artwork & Illustrator
Husna Thaslim(W) ~ Editor and Quality
Pallavi Suri(W) ~ Content

Room9 Publications

Mithru Rachamalla(W, B) ~ Development, Artwork & Illustrator
Husna Thaslim(W, B) ~ Head, Editor, Content and Quality
Khyati Gautham(W) ~ Editor and Marketing
Samwrit Mandal ~ Editor
Riya Roy ~ Editor and Quality
Malathi Subramaniam ~ Quality

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