Wings Club

Wings Club:

Wings Club members are considered as the ‘writer-makers’ at ArtoonsInn and are offered membership to the club based on their detailed reviews, activity, support and encouragement at ArtoonsInn.

1) How to be a part of the Wings Club?

Members for the club are chosen by the watchers of ArtoonsInn from the Eyes Club. The club membership is given to the members from the Eyes Club who are willing to join the club and meet the basic criteria.

Note: Wings Club members automatically fall into the Nest when they accept Wings Club membership and remain permanent members of the Nest as long as they are members of the Club.

2) What basic criteria should be met to be a part of the Wings Club?

  • Must have been an active reader and reviewer in the Eyes Club of ArtoonsInn – room 8 (Writers and Readers Room) at least in the recent 6 writing events.
  • Must have received at least 1 participation card in the recent 4 writing events.
  • Preferably been an Artoon of the month.
  • Should be honest, non-favoring and offer reviews in a non-hurting/non-offensive manner.

3) How do I officially become a member of the Wings Club?

You are sent an ‘invitation’ through e-mail when you fulfill the basic criteria and the watchers are satisfied with your performance in the Eyes Club. One shall only be considered as a Wings Club member when they accept the invitation.

4) What do I do when I am part of the Wings club?

For writing events that include the Wings Club in the judgement panel, each Wings Club member will be sent an individual invitation to be part of the judgement panel. You can accept the invitation and be a part of the judgement panel for the particular event or continue reading, reviewing and rating in the comments like you have been doing.

Wings Club members may be invited for the Mentor-ship program that ArtoonsInn will be hosting soon. Members can take part in the program and coach and mentor budding writers. The Artlet will be compensating the Wings Club members on this service.

5) How do I retain my Wings Club membership?

Simply by reading, rating and reviewing. Two months of inactivity will cost your Wings Club membership, after which, you will be eligible to join the club via the Eyes Club.

6) Should I rate and review all the stories that enter for the event I am invited to judge for as a Wings Club member?

No. You’ll be sent an individual score sheet that will carry a handful of selected stories that you are requested to pay attention to.

7) But can I read, rate and review all the stories?

Of course, you can. Nobody’s stopping you.

8)What criteria does ArtoonsInn expect the judgement panel to follow?

• Relevance to prompt
• Originality
– Has the writer managed ingenuity?
• Development
– Does the story flow in such a way that the reader can follow the development?
• Plot
– Has the writer created a compelling storyline?
• Character Development
– Are the characters dynamic and individual to make a lasting impression?
• Conflict Resolution
– Has the writer managed to resolve the conflicts and wind up the story smoothly?
• Setting
– Does the writer provide a clear mental picture of the backdrop? In other words, has the writer set up the stage properly?
• Technicality
– Has the writer paid attention to technical factors, such as grammar, punctuation, typos, spelling and other language-related issues?

9) Should I rate my own stories if I am both a participant and part of the judgement panel?

Your story will not be assigned to you when you are part of the official judgement panel.

10) Can I discuss among my fellow Wings Club members regarding clarity of prompt adherence or disqualification of a particular story?

Wings club members are encouraged to share their personal, individual opinions, ratings and reviews. However, you can most definitely tap a few doors of fellow members for clarifications.

Pre-disqualified entries, such as those exceeding word limit, failing to meet up to word limit, late entries and/or stories that sway from basic rules, will be highlighted in your score sheets.

11) How do I get updates and information targeted at Wings Club?

All the updates/changes will be sent officially ‘only’ by email to all the Club members.
You will also be added to an official Facebook chat group for all Wings Club members by ArtoonsInn where your fellow club members may share the updates in case you miss the email.

12) Can I exit the Wings Club after I accept the invitation?

ArtoonsInn expects nothing more than the Club members continuing to share their knowledge. However, if a member is uncomfortable with the Club tag, they can write a formal email to and their club membership will be withdrawn.

13) What do I do if I have a complaint or a suggestion?

We are an email away. You are more than welcome to write to and put forth your query, suggestion, complaint and/or feedback. We’ll not take long to respond.

14) Who are the Current Wings Club members?

Please check here:

15) Do I have any privileges for being a member of the Wings Club?

Wings Club members will be the first people to be considered when extra hands on deck are required for any project that room9 Publications of ArtoonsInn handles.

Wings Club members also have the benefit of Artlet if they are selected for the Mentor-ship program by ArtoonsInn.

NOTE 1: ArtoonsInn reserves the right to withdraw the Wings Club membership of an individual for whatsoever the reason.

NOTE 2: Every two months, Wings Club members will be sent an official email confirming/informing of the continuation of their membership.

NOTE 3: The Club Criteria are subjected to changes at any given time and the members will be notified of it officially ‘only’ by email.

16. What is The Nest?
17. What is a Participation card?
18. What is rulfying?

19. Who are the Watchers and Builders of ArtoonsInn?

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