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Wings Club: 

Wings Club members are the writer-makers of ArtoonsInn and are picked by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn based on their detailed reviews, activity and encouragement of their fellow artoons.


Wings Club members’ judgment on events will be given a notable percentage of priority, therefore, they are requested to be just and fair, unbiased and impartial to the best of their abilities.

Members will be invited for judgement at the launch of every event at ArtoonsInn for which they can send their confirmation of participation as a judge for the event.

We would like them to consider the following guidelines when they run an entry beneath their critical lenses and would appreciate a review on all parameters below per entry.

• Relevance to prompt

• Originality
– Has the writer managed ingenuity?

• Development
– Does the story flow in such a way that the reader can follow the development?

• Plot
– Has the writer created a compelling storyline?

• Character Development
– Are the characters dynamic and individual to make a lasting impression?

• Conflict Resolution
– Has the writer managed to resolve the conflicts and wind up the story smoothly?

• Setting
– Does the writer provide a clear mental picture of the backdrop? In other words, has the writer set up the stage properly?

• Technicality
– Has the writer paid attention to technical factors, such as grammar, punctuation, typos, spelling and other language-related issues?

NOTE: The Club Criteria are subjected to changes at any given time and the members will be notified of it officially by email when there is an update.

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