Of Paralysis and Loose Motions 2.75/5 (4)

January, 2217 The teams were ready. This was the most awaited event of the year. It marked the 50th year of the Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) ‘live’ tournament, wherein the players would be entering ‘in’ the game for real. Various modifications over the last 75 years had enabled […]

To Err is no Longer Human 1.67/5 (6)

A gust of wind rushed in through the open window, caressing his weather-beaten face. The candle-flame flickered for a moment, before steadying itself into a feeble yet persistent glow. Oblivious to the raging winds or the flickering candle, the old man sat bending over a fat, aged book […]

I need some time, Mom Read and rate this story.

“I need some time mom. Please allow me to think and persuade myself” requested Reshma. “You better do it fast. There is no time for your silly excuses.” And she slammed the door behind her. Standing near the window and complimenting the dusking beauty of nature, she asked […]

Been Here Before 4/5 (18)

He’s been here before. I’ve been here before. I recognize those eyes, flickering stop signs at anyone who steps within a few feet of him. He was so beautiful, no one dared come talk to him. The mirror said it was a good day. I chose it over […]

The Unhitched Matrimony 4.5/5 (3)

“Let’s keep the lights on today, darling.” “No!” I almost screamed, then somehow controlled. Taking a deep breath, I tried to sound as sweet as possible, “Please dear, you know I don’t feel right with the lights on.” “But, I want to see your face while making love. […]

The Pole Read and rate this story.

“Nani…” I called out laying on bed in college hostel. Nani,who looked like a paragon of beauty, was my room mate.I fondly called him ‘Nani’ when others in college mocked him as “Mai” for his womanish style  of walking and talking. The very word enraged him. But he […]

Taruna, Waiting for that moment 2.5/5 (1)

Writer notes: Story of Tarun, tagging to the phase, Assuming that others won’t understand. Some are confident and some lead a confidential life. The later are worried about facing the family and society to live their Pride. And this is my dedication to them. Few Word meanings Darpan […]

A Life Well Lived 2.75/5 (2)

“Shreya come inside. How many times does everyone has to tell you that you are not allowed to talk with that person.” said Priyanka while forcefully taking Shreya inside their home from the street where she was playing badminton with her friends from the neighborhood. It was a […]

The Unhappy Prince 4.32/5 (11)

I stare at the blackboard as the class progresses with a dreary pace. When will this class get over, it is insufferable. I wait for his class with bated breath. And here he comes. God, Professor Mohanty is looking at me. This man can literally see through me. […]

No Turning Back 2.5/5 (1)

“I will see you later Rani” saying so, she turned to go. Heading towards the door, she turned back in my direction and blew me a warm kiss making me blush. And then she went flying out of the door. I couldn’t stop smiling. I mean I knew […]

DON’T COME OUT! 2.5/5 (1)

It was 8.30. Lucky picked his gym bag. While crossing the hotel lobby, someone caught his attention. He was a face, Lucky hadn’t seen before. For a minute, he couldn’t take the eye off him. The wheatish complexion, sharp chiseled face, the suave personality of that man standing […]

HIM 2/5 (2)

HIM   As the flames of the fire flew up I saw him. He was gorgeous in his casual clothes.   I caught my eyes with a girl who was sitting ahead of me who was actually staring at me. She was cute. She smiled at me, I […]

I Am? 3.5/5 (1)

07/06/18 (09:36hrs) Dear Diary, I don’t know what to do? I am so confused. It feels as if I am being pulled in two opposite directions. I like her. (There I have written it, though I still can’t say it aloud because then it becomes real.) 07/06/18 (16:01hrs) […]

Ink Dyed! 2.17/5 (6)

A man, who had seen 50 summers, was bent over the prototype of a printing press. He was very pleased. It had been a hard year with mounting financial burdens and court cases. Now his invention was almost perfected. It would revolutionize communication. For centuries, written words had […]

Acceptance 2.5/5 (1)

Chandrika’s face was red with anger and disappointment. She kept staring at her phone, expecting that one call from her mother which never came. She put down the phone and shut her face, hiding the tears. Negative thoughts were bombarding her head at which point, her hands started […]