The purpose of ArtoonsInn community is to bring various kinds of arts, artists and the art enthusiasts together. Writers and Readers, Bloggers, Professional and Amateur photographers, Painters, Musicians, Dancers, you name it. Be our guests and share your art(s) here.

Without any doubt, it’s the best group for budding writers. The admins are the most enthusiastic and very motivating. And the interactions between the participants, both writers and readers is what keeps the machinery in spick and span conditions.

Yatindra Tawde

Writers must be readers, but not all readers are writers. But Artoonsinn houses them all -experienced or otherwise. It’s a community of writers and readers that encourages members to learn from each other.

The admins are very supportive and responsive, activities/events are engaging, short stories are incredible. But get ready to be corrected -grammar, sentence construction, plot/theme choice -anything that helps writers improve their writing skills.

It’s a perfect home to meet like-minded and writing-passionate people. If you’re one of them, this is the place for you.

Rham Dhel

This is a great platform for wannabe writers to showcase their talents and gets honest feedback in a kind, encouraging way. This helps all of us to become better at this craft. The bonus is making a lot of new friends with some wonderful, like-minded people. I am hooked!

Beetashok Chatterjee

Though I’m relatively new to the group, I feel surprisingly comfortable squabbling with other members. Artoonsinn isn’t just a place to share a story and get valuable reviews, it’s much more. One gets to learn and make new friends who share a similar passion for writing and a weird sense of humor.

If you are an ambivert with a touch of craziness, or if you are a tad eccentric, or even a little unhinged (no, not psychopaths; we prefer them only in fiction), Artooonsinn is the place for you to spread your literary wings and ride the broom across the world of stories.

Srivalli Rekha

What a beautiful platform with all the beautiful people….learning is fun when we learn with friends….and this platform provides just that….a chance to learn and a chance to make friends with similar mindset….absolutely addicted to this group…and the admins are doing a great job in maintaining the standard….

Sreeparna Sen