The Puppeteer 3.5/5 (1)

Five years ago Samaira’s marriage had been arranged to Arjun Chatterjee, as soon as she had completed college. Arjun was 9 years older than her, a wealthy and successful hotelier settled in the prosperous Beverly Hills neighborhood in California, U.S.A. She had never been asked for her opinion […]

The Writer’s Block 5/5 (1)

This is a twisted tale; of how Gabriel North eluded, confounded and finally met his creator Samuel Clooney, which means that the author had fleeting encounters with him. There were many kinds of serial killers that Samuel could think of – the inhuman and cold blooded, the vicious […]

Blackout 3.5/5 (1)

Samuel woke up shrieking, drenched in cold sweat and gasping for breath as if the air in his room had congealed to suffocate him. Soon tears were rolling down his eyes but he couldn’t recall much except seeing an ominous-looking shadow of someone and a broken mirror. It […]

The Interview Read and rate this story.

London calling Ravi was fed up as the Chief Correspondent of ‘Bright Times of India’ newspaper at Surat. Reporting about the latest trends in the Diamond and Textile sector and the Municipal Corporation, all these years had become very monotonous. He was looking for a change and he […]

The Final Mission Read and rate this story.

“So before we indulge in dance and drinks, let me tell you that we have with us, today, the creator of Dr. North…. Any guesses? Yes! Dr. North, the psychopath……” announced the General with zeal in his voice.  “Wow….Samuel Clooney” hooted some among the audience. “You guessed it […]

Till you die 3/5 (1)

                                       Present Day…  September 2006, Montreuil(Paris suburb): “Let’s welcome the Legendary Thriller novelist, Mr Samuel Clooney. A big round of applause for the indomitable writer.” The whole auditorium reverberated with claps and cheers as Mr Samuel takes his seat. This is the inauguration of his last book in […]

The Mask 3.5/5 (1)

Day 1 Sam was running, running away from an unknown danger. Beads of sweat covered his face, his heartbeat was deafening, his limbs were about to fall off. But he had to run. In the dark, he could not see that the grassland dropped into a cliff. Like […]


There is something that one needs to know before one plunges into the story of Samuel Clooney. Samuel was a writer of considerable fame. He had spent a great part of his life writing travelogues, romances and some historical stuff. He was a mild mannered man of diminutive […]

Writers 2.5/5 (1)

A red colored pointed toe pumps classy D’orsay 5 Inch Heels, a scarlet colored cutaway skater dress, coral painted lips, smoky eyes, a high arched eyebrow, and a high bun hairstyle. She looked marvelous for the night party to celebrate the victory of her book.  She gazed at […]

All Roads Lead to North 4.14/5 (11)

Samuel Clooney walked into his studio apartment overlooking Central Park. He was bone-tired but still sported a grin on his weary face. Dropping his jacket on the floor, he walked towards the baroque bar cabinet set in the corner of the living room and fixed himself a stiff […]

Love Monger 3.5/5 (1)

I am here, sitting in someone’s chair back to my thoughts about it as they were the first time I encountered it. Death, what is it? Why do people fear it? How does it feel when one dies? What is the feel of breath deserting lungs? Is it […]

Aromatic Makutu 4.38/5 (8)

Mysty Bayou– The freshly painted words on an old board greeted as our car entered the town. Delays shadowed me in every possible place. Still, I managed to reach the town before the night took over. Compact modern buildings stood beside ancient structures, elegant and attractive. Rolling down […]

The Chef 4.25/5 (6)

“A cook ? No ways; You belong to the ranch Put down the apron, get on the horseback” A Cowboy from the wild West, fancied a life beyond the bull and dust. Shed his hat that was the pride In pursuit of happiness, sneaked he away one fine […]

The Whistling Woods 4.56/5 (9)

Samuel gazed upon the hazy blanket of darkness stretching below his window. A mist had curled up from the seas, enveloping the villa, with its scenic gardens , shady avenues. The golden lights on the garden-gates glowered like malicious eyes of hidden beasts lurking out there in the […]

Writing Destiny 3.5/5 (7)

‘Ohh you are here finally, but you didn’t read it all. Reading it would have saved you, your wife and your friend. Problems with the over-confident authors. They don’t read other authors’ work’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘You know me already. Don’t you?’ ‘Don’t mess with my head. You […]