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Lexinart – The Dictionary of ArtoonsInn


AFC: ArtoonsInn Food Court — One of the many rooms of the Inn, this room is dedicated to culinary art.

AmazeInn — An activity in which artoons play a game based on a maze.

ArtoonsInn — An Inn for Artoons.

Artoon — A member/artist belonging to ArtoonsInn community.

ArtoonsMeet — An offline gathering where artoons meet up.

Artales — The art of writing tales/stories.
— A set of short tales/stories. 

Artale Greenhorns — An exclusive writing event conducted for the Feathers club members of the HoA system of room8 at ArtoonsInn.

Artale Legends— An exclusive writing event conducted for the Claws club members of the HoA system of room8 at ArtoonsInn.

Artlet — The wallet of ArtoonsInn

ArttrA — ArttrA is a game(of any form) related to the art of writing.

Artestra — Poets in the Inn performing/showcasing their arts live.
Artestrate organize, coordinate and/or plan aspects of a task at ArtoonsInn
(Contributed by Jayashree Pillai)

Artoonified — the condition where an Artoon feels the urge to check into ArtoonsInn every other hour.
(Contributed by Natasha Sequeira)


Beaks Club — A club for the Wordsmiths of the HoA system at Room8.

BookSwapInn — An annual activity celebrated every November by artoons of room8 in which pre-loved books are exchanged by each other.

Builders — A team of individuals who are involved in the building up of the inn in various aspects.


Captcap: Caption the capture — An activity in which an image is posted and the artoons are expected to caption it in one sentence.

Claws Club — A club for the Prime Writers of the HoA system at Room8.

Clawlet A part of Artlet, this is the wallet of the Claws club from room8 of ArtoonsInn


Eyes Club — A club for the classic reviewers from Room8.


Feathers Club — A club for the Rising Writers of the HoA system at Room8.

Five00 — A 500 word writing in room8 of ArtoonsInn.


Gramoon — A grammar question by an artoon.

Granulaire — A long story formed by adding excerpts from several writers.
(The word is formed by adding a suffix -aire to Granule(a small compact particle of a substance).)

GDP-Green Dot Publishing — room9 Publications of ArtoonsInn’s traditional approach to publishing.


Hawk’s Eye — A title that is awarded to an artoon of room8 on Recognition Day in recognition of his/her alertness and watchful eye over the inn, responding to general queries, doubts and clarifying things on behalf of the watchers.

HoA: Hawks of  ArtoonsInn— A club system that is developed and implemented for the writers/readers of Room8.

Wall of Honors— The wall where accolades and laurels for generous artoons who have contributed to the development and growth of the inn are displayed.


Lexinart — The dictionary of ArtoonsInn.

Lumini —Most joyful, encouraging and interesting.


ODE: One Day Event — A writing event that is held in commemoration of a special day/holiday of a certain month, that is limited to a very short entry submission deadline of 24 hours.


PC: Participation Card — A card that is given for artoons who are part of the HoA system for participating in an event by submitting an entry before the event deadline.

Poattic —
A weekly event at Poetry Parlour where Poets write a poem for a prompt given by the Watchers.

Poetivity —A poetry activity that is moulded with creativity especially prepared for artoons and hosted at Poetry Parlour

Poetoon —
An artoon who is well-known for his/her poetry at Poetry Parlour

Poetrait —Poetry writing inspired by a picture.

Poetry Parlour — Room6 of ArtoonsInn where poets reside.

Python Card — A card given in recognition of an artoon’s extraordinary performance by scoring within 8.5-9.5/10 in a writing event held at room8. 


RecapInn— A series of activities that are conducted in the inn to remember, recall and relive the best moments of (usually) the past year.

Recognition Day — The last day of every month in which artoons are recognised and awarded for their achievements of that month.

Room of Recognition —  A room dedicated to Art, Artists and brands celebrated, recognised and held in high honour by ArtoonsInn.

Rulfy — (returning)Reviewing and Rating a writing of an artoon who’d reviewed and rated one’s writing in ArtoonsInn.
(Usage: Sarveswari rulfied Tanima)
(Other forms: Rulfy | Rulfied | Rulfying)
(Rulfy is formed by considering the ‘Rule Number 5‘ of ArtoonsInn writing events’ guidelines.)


Smuse — An action/result of creating something.
(Other forms: Smuse | Smuser | Smused | Smusing)

Swan Card — A card given in recognition of an artoon’s exceptional performance by scoring within 7.5-8.5/10 in a writing event held at room8. 


UniK — A 1000 word writing in ArtoonsInn.
(UniK is formed by replacing t with K(1000) in Unit.)


Watchers — A team of individuals who watch, organize, manage, run and develop one or more rooms of the Inn.

Wings Club — A club for the writer-makers from Room8.