ArtoonsInn – Where Artists Reside

Hello there, traveler! Welcome to ArtoonsInn. The Inn where Artists reside. Are you a writer? Poet? Photographer? Painter? Walk down the Hall to enter your room.

ArtoonsInn Doors

Writers Room

A medley of humans with the mutual drive for the art of storytelling, this room  is for writers of every caliber to gather and write, read, and tell stories to each other.

Traditional publishing house in India

Poets Room

A room with serenity writ upon its door,
Poetry Parlour is for poetry enthusiasts from around the world assembled for the universal language of Poetry.

Poets Community India International

Room9 Publications

Knock on the door if you are seeking an authentic publisher for your work. Room9 Publications aims to publish extraordinary artistic creations.

Cheap Web designing company

Canvas Room

A room with splatters of paint, crumpled papers, pencils with broken nibs and, canvas upon canvas of aesthetic works, this room is for painters and sketch-artists.

ArtoonsInn Doors

Food Court

Sumptuous delicacies where one creates dishes and dishes of delicacies, a place where culinary skills are the norm. Come self-serve yourself at AFC.


Geeks Room

For Artists, especially those with zero or little technical knowledge, The Geeks Room is providing Web Designing, Hosting and Graphic Designing services.



Humans, given their creative faculties, survive on art and that’s what we promote- Art, in all its facets and types.

At ArtoonsInn, you will find all kinds of artists with their arts.  Each art is dedicated a room, for artists to reside at.

Artists in this Inn are called Artoons. Hence, ArtoonsInn – where artists reside.

How do I become an Artoon?

We currently have Facebook groups created for each Art. Join your Art group by clicking on the FB button above, and regularly participate in the activities to share your arts, and encourage your fellow-artists by sharing knowledge. Based on your active contributions in the room, you’ll be given an Artoon badge by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn.

Who is a Resider?

An ArtoonsInn Resider is an artoon who is recognized and attributed by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn for their extraordinary show of artistic skills shown in the Inn. Residers are given Resider-Space on our website displaying their works.

Residers are also given the maximum priority in everything that ArtoonsInn has to offer to the Artoons including large discounts from all ArtoonsInn service-based places. In short words, Residers are a family formed in the Inn.

Who are Watchers and Builders?

Watchers and Builders – a team of dedicated people stand watch and build up the Inn respectively, working tirelessly to make ArtoonsInn a unique place for artists to share their creativity.

Should you have any queries, reach out to the watchers of the respective rooms.


Feeling lost with all the Inn-lingo? No wonder! ArtoonsInn has a few of its own words, and Lexinart is where one will find them.

Currently under construction

1. ArtoonsInn Food Court (Active on Facebook)
2. Canvas Room (Active on Facebook)
3. ArtoonsInn Air
4. ArtoonsInn Vault
5. ArtoonsInn Green
6. Chambers of ArtoonsInn

More to be added.


ArtoonsInn has its own currency. Currently equivalent to Indian Rupees.

Why ArtoonsInn?

Every single room’s growth affects other rooms’ growth. Together ArtoonsInn aims to reach the global audience to introduce the best of the talents in the Inn. 

ArtoonsInn is being built for Artists of all kinds. If you are an Artist, you are expected to reside at ArtoonsInn.

Become an Artoon at ArtoonsInn by joining one or many rooms today and start learning and sharing skills.

Supportive Builders

Supportive Builders are those Artoons or individuals who are given a badge of honor and mention on the Supportive Builders page for contributing to the growth of their favorite room in the Inn. 

Both Artists and Non-Artists could become Supportive Builders.


How do I join the Watchers and Builders?

Currently, one may join Watchers and Builders via an invitation from the Keeper of ArtoonsInn.